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Physical Exam

Bland Clinic, P.A.

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Whether you need a physical exam because of work or because you haven’t had one a while, Dr. Veita Bland, MD, and the team at Bland Clinic, P.A in Greensboro, North Carolina, is here to help, providing physical exams to men and women ages 10 and up. To schedule your physical exam at an office that makes you feel at home, call Bland Clinic or use online booking to schedule your appointment today.

Physical Exam

Why is a physical exam important?

A physical exam is a vital part of your routine health care, serving as an overall health check that monitors any chronic or acute conditions you may have.

Your physical exam may also involve screening tests or procedures to look for signs of preventable diseases, such as hypertension or diabetes. Many chronic diseases fail to manifest noticeable symptoms before they cause significant health emergencies. Yet with regular screenings, you can catch these conditions in their early stages.

You also have the opportunity to talk to your doctor about any issues or concerns. They may administer immunizations and discuss healthy habits, like eating right and exercising regularly.

What happens during a physical exam?

During your physical examination, the team at Bland Clinic reviews your medical history and asks if there are any changes in your health history or medication dosages. They may ask about allergies, surgeries, or any conditions you have and also inquire about your lifestyle habits, including sleep, social life, and exercise.

They then begin the exam, which can include:

  • Taking your vitals and other measurements, including weight, temperature, and blood pressure
  • Checking your skin for abnormal growths or moles
  • Feeling your abdomen and inspecting your internal organs
  • Listening to your heart, lungs, and digestive system
  • Tapping on areas of your body to ensure there’s no fluids or swelling

If you have specific issues, such as diabetes, Dr. Bland may perform other procedures, such as checking your feet for neuropathy or ulcers. If you’re a woman, she may perform gynecological services during your physical as well.

How often do you need a physical exam?

Your overall health, including any conditions you have and your age, determine how often you need a physical exam. If you’re between the ages of 18-60 and in good health, you may only need a yearly physical exam.

If you have a chronic condition like hypertension or a thyroid disorder, Dr. Bland may want to see you more often to monitor your symptoms or track disease progression. If you’ve recently started a medication or changed dosages, she’ll want to see you within a few months to assess how the changes are affecting you.

If you need a physical exam, call Bland Clinic, P.A. today or go online to book your consultation.

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